contemporary tribal & ethnic, bohemian & fashion, Handmade jewelry, affordable jewelry & unusual jewelry
contemporary tribal & ethnic, bohemian & fashion, Handmade jewelry, affordable jewelry & unusual jewelry

The Beading Bikini
Shopping Vieques Island Puerto Rico

Unusual jewelry rare &
genuine sea glass & ocean
tumbled beach glass
Unusual jewelry in layered, stacked, drop pendant, non metal hemp & micro macrame & adjustable, ocean tumbled, rare & genuine, beach & sea glass necklace collection

Unusual jewelry sea &
beach, ocean tumbled tile
unusual jewelry in Tribal, Fashion & Bohemian, wire wrapped, chunky chain & hemp macrame, genuine, ocean tumbled tile necklace collection

unusual jewelry, ceramic
necklaces, glass heart
lariat  & glass pendant glass
Tribal, Ethnic, Bohemian & Fashion, Unusual Jewelry in long, choker, glass heart lariat & floater, pendant, beaded, non metal micro macrame & crochet, ceramic necklace & artisan glass necklace designs

affordable jewelry,natural
Affordable jewelry in non metal, bone, horn, wood, seed, coconut, gemstone, metal, leather, tribal, ethnic & bohemian, natural bracelet collection
jewelry, natural

affordable kid
jewelry, small,
medium & large
glass earrings,

jewelry, metal
jewelry, exotic

handmade jewelry, beaded
& macrame,  glass bracelets
genuine beach glass &
ocean tumbled sea glass
handmde jewelry, colorful
glass rings
exotic shell earrings

affordable jewelry,
gemstone rings
Bohemian, affordable jewelry in birds nest, jasper stone ring collection

Affordable jewelry,
sexy ankle bracelets,

Unusual jewelry,
Affordable jewelry, mens
cool surfer necklaces

handmade jewelry, natural

Affordable jewelry, exotic
shell bracelets
jewelry, beach
& sea glass
Handmade jewelry in Tribal, Ethnic, Bohemian & Fashion, beaded & non metal macrame, coral, sea urchin spine & sea shell, natural necklace collection
Created in a Hammock. Inspired by the Sea.

In a Hammock on this beach
is where Inspiration happens.
If your looking for
body surfing waves,  
this is where they will
A good surf session
purifies the mind and
liquefies the spine,
the Creative to
Unusual, Handmade Jewelry Collection Ethnic, Bohemian & Fashion, Handmade, pricey & affordable, Unusual Jewelry New Jewelry collection by The Beading Bikini, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico Vieques Jewelry Artist Biography, Jennifer Dehner, The Beading Bikini Visiting Vieques Island, puerto Rico, The Beading Bikini Boutique, Tin Box &  Noche Restaurants
    Handmade in a hammock & inspired by the Atlantic & Caribbean seas, this pricey & affordable,
    unusual handmade jewelry collection - in contemporary tribal & ethnic jewelry - hippie, chic,
    surfer & beach, bohemian jewelry - and classic, spring, summer, chic & island, fashion jewelry
    designs - is the creative result of a barefooted life in slow flow. Moving to the tiny Caribbean
    Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico has taught me an invaluable lesson... when we SLOW DOWN, we re-
    member to BREATH and, with conscious breathing, we FLOW intuitively through life.

Dig through this large & richly diverse treasure chest of - one of a kind & limited edition, beaded, knotted macrame,
wire wrapped, chain & crochet - unusual
handmade jewelry booty and at the same time, SURF the lush macro & micro
photographic journey through the inspirational cosmologies of
Vieques Island & Puerto Rico's El Yunque Rainforest.

When you resonate with the rare, and not so rare, colors of an ocean tumbled seaglass, adjustable necklace, with a beach
glass bottle top wire wrapped ring, or with an artisan glass bead, crochet necklace - OR, when, an exotic wood, seed,
coconut or sea shell, chain bracelet or, a cool surfer, beaded necklace, swells the cell of your imagination, with images
of tree climbing & body surfing - OR, when the sparkle of metal dangle earrings or, a metal pendant necklace, ignites
your fayah with the rememberance of a brilliant sunset - OR, when the flutter of tribal & exotic long feather earrings or,
a butterfly kid macrame necklace, tickles your fancy & inspires silly dancing - then try them on, with your mind's eye,
and experience the rich & easy Caribbean vibe, rooted in this handmade
unusual jewelry collection, and allow them to
reconnect you to your - warrior, surfer, hippie, belly dancer, gypsy, mermaid, urban, goddess & yogi - natural state of

You can RIDE THE WAVE of this
handmade jewelry collection through - the necklace collection, the wrist, arm & sexy
bracelet collection, the earring collection & the ring collection. Or you can SURF this unusual jewelry collection,
shopping by material. There is natural jewelry like - carved
bone jewelry; unusual horn jewelry; carved tagua nut &
coconut jewelry; unusual bamboo & exotic wood jewelry; healing gemstone jewelry; exotic feather jewelry; natural,
exotic & sexy - sea urchin spine, coral & tumbled sea
shell jewelry; and men's cool surfer jewelry, for women & teens
too. There is gold, brass, copper, silver & pewter,
metal jewelry; porcelain & clay, unusual ceramic jewelry; and
colorful & artisan
glass jewelry. These - natural bead & feather, metal bead, ceramic bead & glass bead - unusual
creations, feature commercial & handcrafted artisan, beads, pendants & feathers from all over the world. The
unique, rare & melted - genuine beach glass or
sea glass jewelry and, the unusual & chunky, tumbled tile jewelry, is
uniquely made with Atlantic & Caribbean Ocean TUMBLED, "glass trash" beach stones & ceramic & clay pottery
shards. There is also pretty & cute,
kid jewelry for toddler girls & boys, pre teen children ... and for the awesome mom,
who loves them.

Throughout, there is a nice selection of
handmade jewelry in non-metal jewelry designs, for those with metal allergies
and there is affordable jewelry, for those on a budget looking for unusual, but affordable gifts. And if you find yourself
"shopping Vieques", these handmade pieces make unexpected & unusual souvenirs.

So, mermaid beach goddesses, urban fashionistas, rich hippies, tribal animals, surfer yogis, big kids, little kids, moms,
dads & grandfolk too, slip on your pumps, bare your soles/souls, or sport your fins, and connect with the oceanic roll of
your breath.  Let salty waves of warm sunshine, wash away the sandy castles of your mind. Slow down, and let your
imagination adorn your miraculous being with these handmade & unusual, fruitful experiments of green hearted love
and discover the Beading Bikini's many expressions of goddess.

Suave, Peace, Love, Blessings & "Buy it Now".
Jennifer Dehner, The Beading Bikini
P.S. Free sand with purchase.
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Unusual, Handmade Jewelry Collection Ethnic, Bohemian & Fashion, Handmade, pricey & affordable, Unusual Jewelry New Jewelry collection by The Beading Bikini, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico Vieques Jewelry Artist Biography, Jennifer Dehner, The Beading Bikini Visiting Vieques Island, puerto Rico, The Beading Bikini Boutique, Tin Box &  Noche Restaurants
Affordable Jewelry in beaded, non metal, micro macrame & chain ocean tumbled Shell, natural bracelet collection
Tribal, Bohemian & fashion, affordable jewelry in beaded & macrame, glass, silver, bone, horn, turquoise stone, sea shell, anklet & sexy ankle bracelet collection
Bohemian & fashion, handmade jewelry in non metal, custom sized, beaded colorful glass ring collection
Tribal, Ethnic, Bohemian & Fashion, handmade jewelry in drop, dangle, chandelier & teardrop, shell earring collection
Bohemian & Tribal, Unusual Jewelry in exotic feather earring collection
Bohemian & island fashion, unusual jewelry in drop, dangle, chandelier, animal & theme, silver, pewter, gold, brass, copper, metal earring collection
Bohemian & Fashion, Handmade jewelry in beaded, non metal, micro macrame, chain & cuff, genuine beach & sea glass & artisan glass bracelet collection
Affordable jewelry in beaded, non metal, bohemian, cool mens surfer necklace collection
Bohemian & fashion handmade jewelry in small, medium, large, big & long, drop, dangle, chandelier & teardrop, crochet earrings & artisan glass earring collection
Affordable Jewelry in metal pendant, non metal macrame & wood whistle, toddler, childrens island fashion, hippie kid necklace collection
handmade jewelry in unusual & affordable, tribal, ethnic & bohemian, bone, horn, wood, seed, coconut, gemstone & leather, natural earring collection
Handmade Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Contemporary Tribal Jewelry & Ethnic Jewelry, Bohemian Jewelry & Chic Island Fashion Jewelry
Unusual Jewelry in ocean tumbled beach glass, rare &  genuine sea glass ring collection
Tribal, ethnic & bohemian, non metal, unusual jewelry in Bone, horn, wood, seed, coconut, taqua nut, bamboo, gemstone, metal, natural necklace collection


The Beading Bikini Unusual Jewelry, shopping Vieques Island, unusual gifts & souvenirs
Shopping Vieques Island Puerto Rico,, Caribbean Walk
Located between
Tin Box & Noche Restaurants
highway 996
Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

6:00pm - 10:00pm
Tuesdays thru Sunday
(December - July )
Call: #787- 435- 6850
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